AGM + quickplay 22nd Sep 2018

It’s been good to see a strong turn out for the first couple of club nights and enjoy some games, and especially to welcome several new faces to the club.
Before the first matches start up in the league the following week we plan to hold the AGM on the 24th September – next Monday.
AGM starts promptly at 7:30 and normally takes c.45mins. As in previous years we’ll follow on with a handicap quickplay tournament for the remainder of the evening, with cheese and wine to accompany.
Look forward to seeing many of you there. New players are very welcome for what is normally a fun evening.

Season starts

After the summer break the club is restarting on the 10th September at 7:30, so it’s time to dust off the chess skills after the summer break. Hopefully will see lots of old and new faces there.

AGM + quickplay

Some photos from the quickplay the other week, a very enjoyable evening all around.

Thanks to Ian Brooke for setting up, Peter Mccleod for providing lots of food + drink and well done to Matt Rose for winning the blitz.

AGM + quickplay this monday

Hi all,

The club AGM will be held Monday 25th September, to kick the season off this will be followed by the traditional cheese + wine quickplay. We play this with a handicap system to level the playing field between players of various strengths within the club.

Visitors and new members are very welcome but might prefer to arrive 8ish, assuming the cheese + wine quickplay is of more interest than the AGM anyhow!


End of season

The club has now closed for the Summer, we’ll be back in September.

A quick report on how the teams performed

City 1 finished 3rd in the 1st division, well behind runaway champions uni 1 who certainly deserved the title this year. We did however beat them in the cup semi-final on the way to winning the trophy for a third season running.

City 2 finished in 6th in the 2nd division, at the bottom of quite a tight mid table pack but well safe of the relegation spots all season

City 3 had a strong season, finishing 2nd in the 3rd division

City 4 (Abingdon school) also played well and retained their division 3 status with a 6th place finish.

Best wishes for the summer.