Welcome to Oxford City Chess Club!

We’ve been playing chess in Oxford in various guises since the 19th Century

The club meets Mondays 7:30-10:00 between September (16th September for the 2019-20 season) and April for friendly games.

All are warmly welcome to join us for our club nights for a game.


For those looking for competitive chess we have teams in the local Oxfordshire leagues catering for players of all standards.

City 1 play in the first division, finishing second last year

City 2 play in the second division and City 3 in the third division, so between our teams players of all standards can enjoy a competitive game



9 thoughts on “Welcome to Oxford City Chess Club!

  1. I want to play chess with my grandchildren but do not have anyone to practise with and do not find I learn on apps. Do you have games for older enthusiastic amateurs please? I live in North Oxford.
    Thank you for any suggestions.
    Polly Holbrook


    • Hi Polly,
      We have quite a few older players at the club who enjoy their chess and you’d be most welcome to join for a few games. The club re-opens after the Christmas break on the 4th Jan at 7:30 and there’ll be people around to play against there


  2. I am looking for a seasoned chess player who also knows Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There and can follow the moves through the story.


  3. Hello

    I am part of a care team working in South Oxfordshire
    We have just started to support a gent with an interest in Chess.
    Are all ability players welcome?
    Is there wheelchair access to your club?
    Is there parking?
    Are there any fees?

    Thank you so much for your help



    • Hi Laura,
      He’d be very welcome, all abilities are. There is wheelchair access and parking on the streets out front, the spots directly outside may not always be free but you can reliably find a space on the same street. Fees are £25/year if I remember right but he’s welcome to try for free for a couple of weeks.
      However, we’re on summer break at the moment, we’ll reopen on 10th September, hopefully see him there


    • HI Vatalija,
      There might be something we can do, can you send me a message via the contact form (on find us tab), we can speak by email and see what we can work out


  4. Hi , just wondering if anyone in your club knows how to play ‘Chinese chess’ , or knows a club in Oxfordshire I can learn Chinese chess ? Thanks . Matt


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