Welcome to Oxford City Chess Club!

We’ve been playing chess in Oxford in various guises since the 19th Century

The club meets Mondays 7:30-10:00pm between September and April for friendly games. We also enter teams in the local Oxfordshire league to enjoy competitive chess.

After a year online we’re looking forward to being able to open up again for normal over the board chess come September, new members are welcome so do get in touch if you like to join us.

24 thoughts on “Welcome to Oxford City Chess Club!

  1. Hi, my 12 years old boy and 13 years old girl would like to join a chess club, is yours open now? Is it suitable for that age?
    They played a lots of chess before the pandemic and stopped since then.


    • Hi Martin,
      You’d be very welcome to come join us. We don’t require masks at the moment, it’s individual discretion whether people choose to wear them or not


  2. Dear Phil,

    I am looking for a chess tutor for 14 years old boy (ELO 1300)
    Could you please let me know if you are able to help us with this matter?
    We live in the Headington OX3.
    Thank you in advance.


    • Hi Mingle,

      I am a 2100 ECF rated player and I also worked part-time as a chess instructor in London the last couple of years (in schools, clubs, camps and also privately). Now I have moved permanently in to Oxford for work, so if you are still interested in tutoring lessons I would be very happy to have a chat. My number is 07732565558.



      • Thanks for volunteering Apostolos, you’re very welcome to try out the club too if you’d like. Mingle just to clarify that this wouldn’t be a club organised or recommended tutoring set up, so will leave to your judgement.


  3. Hello
    I would like to join a chess club, I enjoy playing , but would consider myself very much a beginner- enthusiastic but untaught.
    I would love to learn more about strategy.
    Would your club be open to an enthusiastic beginner ?
    Anne Marie


  4. Hi , just wondering if anyone in your club knows how to play ‘Chinese chess’ , or knows a club in Oxfordshire I can learn Chinese chess ? Thanks . Matt


  5. Dear Phil,

    I am looking for a club and chess tutor for 10 years old boy.
    Could you please let me know if your club is able to help us with this matter?
    Thank you in advance.



    • HI Vatalija,
      There might be something we can do, can you send me a message via the contact form (on find us tab), we can speak by email and see what we can work out


  6. Hello

    I am part of a care team working in South Oxfordshire
    We have just started to support a gent with an interest in Chess.
    Are all ability players welcome?
    Is there wheelchair access to your club?
    Is there parking?
    Are there any fees?

    Thank you so much for your help



    • Hi Laura,
      He’d be very welcome, all abilities are. There is wheelchair access and parking on the streets out front, the spots directly outside may not always be free but you can reliably find a space on the same street. Fees are £25/year if I remember right but he’s welcome to try for free for a couple of weeks.
      However, we’re on summer break at the moment, we’ll reopen on 10th September, hopefully see him there


  7. I am looking for a seasoned chess player who also knows Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There and can follow the moves through the story.


    • Martin Gardner’s book The Annotated Alice, on pages 170 & 172 and in subsequent notes to the text, shows how the chess problem underlying the action in Through the Looking Glass is accurately described by Carroll as “strictly in accordance with the laws of the game.”


  8. I want to play chess with my grandchildren but do not have anyone to practise with and do not find I learn on apps. Do you have games for older enthusiastic amateurs please? I live in North Oxford.
    Thank you for any suggestions.
    Polly Holbrook


    • Hi Polly,
      We have quite a few older players at the club who enjoy their chess and you’d be most welcome to join for a few games. The club re-opens after the Christmas break on the 4th Jan at 7:30 and there’ll be people around to play against there


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